Growatt Mini 7.5KW 9200W 1100W SPI Series Solar Pump System Kit System Inverter For Irrigation

Essential details
Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:Growatt
Model Number:SPI Series
Output Current:5-45A
Output Frequency:0-50/60Hz
Output Type:AC
Warranty:3 Years
Rated Output Power (W):3-22KW
Output Voltage (Vac):3PH 380V
Recommend Pump Capacity:3-25HP
Max. DC Input Voltage (Vdc):900V
Qty. of PV Input Ports:2-5
Recommed MPP Votage (Vdc):500-680V
Protection Degree:IP65
Operation Temperature Range:-25°C to 60°C
Product Instruction
Product Application

Solar Pump Inverter Features

1.Designed with variable frequency driver, greatly improves efficiency.

2.Extremely high efficiency.

3.Digital mode control, with automatic operation and manual operation mode options.

4.Complete protection functions.

5.Adopts intelligent IPM module, with high reliability.

6.Digital display and operation panel, in real time presents operating data.

Wiring Of Water Level Sensor
Debugging Guidance
Growatt’s Authorization Certificate
Product Line&Packing&Shipping
EITAI Company With Growatt

Eitai (XiaMen) New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the field of new energy, especially inthe
product research & development, production, sales and service. Its Headquarters are located in Xiamen Special Economic Zone,and it
also has branches in Japan. With support of a professional team, the company provides its clients with safe, reliable,stable and
efficient solutions for the solar photovoltaic power station. It focuses on core businesses like automatic positioning piling
machines, automatic solar module installation and cleaning equipment, PV mounting and related accessories, PV power plant
construction business and so on.


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